Srini Pillay

The Science Behind The Law of Attraction

The Science Behind The Law of Attraction

A Step-by-Step Guide to Putting the Brain Science Behind The Law of Attraction to Work For You

“The Law of Attraction” – a law that states that you get in life what you put out – has a dedicated group of followers and dissenters alike.

Most people who believe in the law “sense” its truth but have not necessarily benefitted from using it, some refer to the power of positive thoughts and quantum physics. Others dissent because they have tried writing checks out to themselves endlessly to no avail, or simply think it is a load of hogwash. If it were true that you can attract what you want to your life, they say, it would stand to reason that brain science would show it.

As a Harvard psychiatrist and brain-imaging researcher, Dr. Srini Pillay is perfectly positioned to analyze the scientific evidence behind the law of attraction to see.

“The Science Behind The Law Of Attraction” is his workbook explaining seven scientific laws that show why the law of attraction works and walking through their roots in brain science.

Whether the goal is weight loss, a romantic relationship, financial success, or happiness, there is scientific proof the law of attraction works. Even better, understanding how the law of attraction works will help you when you use it.

Thus, in the workbook, Dr. Pillay also helps plot a course for your success. He invites the reader to complete exercises targeted to specific brain-processes and brings us closer to realizing our dreams in ways that he has used successfully as a clinician and an executive coach.

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