Life-changing ideas on every page.
New research to power phenomenal personal growth.

A master educator synthesizes decades of brain science to reveal better ways to create the life you’re meant to lead.

As a tireless advocate for a combination of evidence-based human development and human idiosyncrasy, Dr. Srini Pillay travels the world sharing his insights and revelations on brain science. In his books, he captures these game-changing ideas and organizes this information in a comprehensive manner that is instantly accessible—and enlightening—for readers at any stage in their personal journey.

His jargon-free, humorous and compassionate presentation keep you 100% engaged and his storytelling clarifies the most complex scientific breakthroughs. Dr. Pillay also uses examples from his clinical practice to illuminate key concepts and bring his lessons to life.

The ideas presented in Dr. Pillay’s books work for people at any stage of development, whether you are at the very beginning of making changes, a high-performing individual, leader in business and government, or professional athlete or entrepreneur.