An expert guide and coach

The deep satisfactions—and worldly rewards—of a life driven by conscious purpose are within your reach.

Whether you’re a frustrated genius looking to get unblocked, a star athlete seeking to hone your competitive mindset, or a Fortune 500 executive mastering your demons to become a better leader, Dr. Srini Pillay can help.

A busy speaking schedule and private psychiatric practice occupy much of his calendar, but online/telephone sessions and a few in-person timeslots occasionally open up. Please contact for availability and details.

Advisory Partnerships & Tech Co-Development

Dr. Pillay is available to serve on select boards and advisory committees for entrepreneurs, established corporations, and equity capital partners.

For healthcare and technology innovators, Dr. Pillay is a valuable partner in bringing deep, disciplined and imaginative neuroscience insights and strategies to forward-thinking projects and companies.

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