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Activating possibility mindsets worldwide

When life clouds belief in the possibility of success, business goals are difficult to achieve.

There’s a brain-based evaluation tool to help you change that.

Belief in the possibility of success in business amidst unrelenting stressors is next to impossible. Now – there’s a brain-based tool to identify stressors so you can get them under control and build a possibility mindset to achieve your goal.

Welcome to The Possibility Index.

As an exploratory tool, the index helps you understand the conscious and the unconscious barriers to execution that contribute to a fixed mindset. With this knowledge you can change the underlying causes, so goals become easier to achieve.

The focus is on solutions – actions you can take -and the assessment identifies your greatest strengths as catalysts. It outlines the steps to promote a strong possibility mindset despite current conditions.

Better yet, research indicates that a possibility mindset fuels creative imagination which includes – thinking in pictures. These pictures and ideas give your brain the blueprint to begin navigating towards the goal. And that’s important.

With a resilient possibility mindset, you can focus on your goals and use innovative thinking to leverage failure with ease.

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” — Socrates



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The assessment consists of 21 questions and the results are unique to you.



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Your customized Possibility Index Report and Score indicate the top 3 blockages and top 3 catalysts to your possibility mindset. With a focus on tools and solutions it outlines how to build an action plan to address blockages. See sample report here.



Kudos to you!

Learning how to amplify your brain’s capacity for possibility has quantifiable benefits. In a business setting, organizations that developed initiatives to help shift mindsets were 2x more likely to succeed than those who did not. You too can leverage a possibility mindset to succeed. So, go out into the world and apply what you know to any goal – and inspire it to unfold.

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The Science of Possibility – a companion program to The Possibility Index – is an unbeatable duo to achieving organizational goals.

Are you ready to activate your possibility mindset?

Frequently Asked Questions

This brain-based assessment, developed by psychiatrist and brain researcher, Dr. Srini Pillay, is a series of questions that help you to understand your sense of possibility. It is an exploratory tool that gives you specific insights about your possibility tolerance and susceptibility, and the underlying chemical changes that this implies. It’ll indicate if there are unconscious obstacles that can sabotage even your best efforts and ways to enhance a possibility mindset.

The score is simply a starting point. It is not intended to be a good/bad value judgement. Rather, it is to provide an indication of your place on the “map” of possibility from which you can grow.

Everyone is different, so whatever your score, consider it a tool to help you develop and strengthen your sense of possibility.

Yes. The score is not static. It is merely a reflection of a point in time. When you do the inner work on cultivating a possibility mindset, the score will reflect a shift in your thinking, because “…when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Yes. This brain-based assessment can help gauge possibility thinking for individuals 18 years of age and above.

Yes. The Possibility Index is often used as pre-work within organizations ahead of “The Science of Possibility Thinking” session for leadership and teams.