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Do these relationship
statistics concern you?

In the 1950’s, 4 million people in the US lived alone. Fast-forward to 2015, and that number has catapulted to 31 million. One in 5 people has never been married, and many people simply can’t stand the person they were once in love with. Nobody is immune to the frustrations that relationships can bring.

Why are relationships so challenging? How can you get closer to the relationship results you want?

After more than two decades of helping people with their relationship woes, I can tell you that there’s no silver bullet solution. Every person is unique, and so every relationship challenge is unique too. Yet, when you have a simple wireframe to think into—a way of framing the challenge and the solution—finding your unique way of dealing with relationships becomes that much easier.

Have you ever felt this way?

  • You might never find the ‘right’ person to share your life with
  • Your relationship went from a sizzling romance to a suffocating steam room
  • You are tired of arguments and not seeing eye-to-eye with your partner
  • Even though you love your partner, you seem to have fallen out of love
  • You keep making the same relationship mistakes no matter what you do
  • You feel uncertain and insecure about your relationship or lack of one
  • You feel criticized, lonely and underappreciated too much of the time
  • If you are honest with yourself, your basic relationship needs are not being met

Tolerating your relationship is not a solution

If you are facing these challenges, you are not alone. Relationships are not intuitively simple. Regardless of financial or educational status, the majority of people feel like they are hitting their heads against a wall. And it hurts. Relationships do not have to be this way and brain science is giving us answers to the questions that used to have us stumped.

  • Can my relationship ever change? YES. Thousands of studies now prove that your brain can change so your relationships can change too
  • Can I change my brain? YES. When you learn how to self-talk—you can learn how to change your brain. It’s quite simple and effective.
  • How can changing MY brain help me find that special someone? When you learn some specific techniques, your brain will learn to pick up cues and respond to them in entirely different ways
  • But don’t I just have to accept that my partner will NEVER listen? No! Recent research has given us solutions to the best ways to negotiate
  • Isn’t rekindling love a fantasy? After a few kids and a drained bank account, can something really be done? Rekindling love is entirely possible. And by learning how to manage your fears, you can free your brain to feel much happier too.



Dr. Srini Pillay is a world-renowned Harvard-trained psychiatrist, brain scientist and relationship expert. His relationship expertise has been featured on Oprah Radio, Martha Stewart Whole Living, Elle, The Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha, Entheos, The Academy of Life, and Sexy Younger You. Dr. Pillay is also the award-winning author of “Life-Unlocked-7 Revolutionary Lessons to Overcome Fear” and “The Science Behind the Law of Attraction.” He has been invited globally to teach people to tap into their brains to unleash their greatest potential.

No more walking on eggshells, stewing in conflict, living with constant bad moods or tension that you can cut with a knife. I’m not saying every relationship problem will dissolve, yet when you know how to master your mindset instead of spouting a kneejerk response you strengthen your relationship at a deep level. Where do you start? As a psychiatrist with twenty one years of helping people with relationship woes, I can tell you that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. But by learning HOW to be more thoughtful, and what YOU can do specifically to change your brain and the brains of others, relationships can be freeing, joyful, and exciting too.

Don’t take my word for it…

  • “this is …. a breath of fresh air on relationship management from the foundation up. Superb!!! Highly recommended!!!”

    Donna Swanson

  • “…bringing such complex concepts to the general masses, in such a palatable form. I feel Dr. Pillay brings these concepts to us without diluting the integrity of the content or jeopardizing its value; he bridges the gap between a scientific paper and us his readers, in a seamless manner… Science is not usually that engaging when writers have an overload of big heavy terms to make it sound really authentic. Dr. Pillay on the other hand, kept it light, entertaining… Loved it…will use it… will share it…!

    Dr. Sheilu Satyapriya

  • Dr. Pillay is the rare combination of an inspiring visionary, scientist, educator, innovator, healer and artist – all harmonized toward improving lives in a truly unique form.  When we searched for the leading expert on improving well-being we were delighted to discover his life’s work and how gifted he is at sharing such a powerful story for others to learn.  He was simply brilliant and unlike any other speaker for our national forum.

    Ben Leedle | Former CEO: Healthways

What makes this
product special

There are volumes of generic relationship advice from “express yourself fully” to “arrange a date night.” The one size fits all relationship solution can be downright destructive. You require a strategy unique to you.

FIRST, you need to know how to change your mindset—to rewire your brain for relationship success.

SECOND, this needs to not take a lifetime. You should be able to do this while living a busy life

THIRD, you should have some reference material in case any of the brief methods need explaining
And then, you need to take this framework and learn how to apply this to YOUR UNIQUE life

If you’re stuck, an expert should be there to guide you…


Practical brain-based tips for


Whether you are a prisoner in your relationship, looking for love or want to try to avoid divorce, this package offers you simple, easy-to-implement tips, tools and techniques to navigate your way through romantic relationships ON YOUR OWN TERMS. This program helps you rewire your brain to increase the chances of relationship success.

  • Fear of conflict and confrontation
  • Dealing with financial stressors that obstruct relationship harmony
  • Learning to manage uncertainty
  • Learning to stay committed
  • Releasing the fear and welcoming the joy and excitement


For $97, you will get:

  • Six brief videos that you can quickly listen to learn three tips and how to apply them + and introduction and conclusion video too
  • A video guide to help you navigate each lesson
  • An ebook for more detail if you want it

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The methods are simple, effective and

  • One of the most authentic and approachable individuals I’ve ever encountered, Srini’s zest for life and sense of humor are a pleasure to behold. His sense of integrity to others and to his work created a strong, trusting environment within this group, which enabled participants to engage and contribute in powerful ways on both professional – as well as very personal levels.

    Kathleen Sellers, MS/MOE, CPC
    Certified Professional Coach & Organizational
    Development Specialist

  • “I found great value in Dr. Pillay’s easy to understand audio materials and benefited from the personalized feedback he provided during a webinar. I sense more calm and concentration in my work habits. “ I look forward to more progress in my partnership with my brain to tap my personal potential.”

    Helena Kaufman

A reminder of what you get

  • Six 7-10 minute videos that you can quickly listen to learn three tips and how to apply them + and introduction and conclusion video too
  • A video guide to help you navigate each lesson
  • An ebook for more detail if you want it

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This product will give you the scaffolding your need to build your unique solution to relationships challenges and I will be there for you along the way to help online and in person.


“Dr. Srini Pillay is remarkable.  He has Harvard qualifications tumbling out of his back pocket that place him among the world’s leading experts in the field of human relationships and the human brain. In addition, Dr. Pillay’s insights are so accessible and actionable – exactly what you need if you’re smack in the middle of crisis-mode. His scientific understanding of the workings of the human brain means he gets straight to the source of fear, and anxiety to offer solutions you can put into practice immediately. I’ve benefited from his brilliant techniques on more than one occasion.  I admit I’m a huge fan.  If I could have 6 people to dinner – at least one of them would be Dr. Pillay!”

E. McCourt, London 

The actual value is really how much you value relationships in your life. It couldn’t get easier.

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