"What leaders need during a crisis is not predefined response plan but behaviors and mindsets that will prevent them from overreacting to yesterday's developments and help them to look ahead." McKinsey & Co., 2020


  • Develop beyond resilience
  • Build a mindset strategy to thrive
  • Learn about how you can accelerate leaders and their teams toward success


The Antifragile Mindset: Thrive

  • VR designed to reduce stress
  • Brain-base experiences
  • Optimize leaders and teams


Virtual Reality

I want to help you unleash Your greatest potential

Most of us instinctively know we tap only a fraction of our potential. My work uses hard science to unlock “better thinking” for all the possibilities–the growth, the change, the love–that is inherent in you. While studying, working, and teaching at Harvard, I have come to believe there’s an art and science of possibility—that we can be the architects of our own brains. Allow me to show you how.

About Dr. Srini Pillay

Tinker Dabble Doodle Try Unlock the Power of the Unfocused Mind

Tinker Dabble Doodle Try offers a revolutionary way to become a sharper thinker and get things done—in the boardroom, living room, or classroom—by harnessing the brain’s ability to wander.

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Life Unlocked Move past the things that limit you, and truly unlock your potential-and your life.

Life Unlocked draws from cutting-edge research in human psychology and neuroscience to illuminate the ways in which you can overcome any fear that is inhibiting your movement through life.

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